Blue Flower

The Villa Octopia "SolarShed", natural "Nuclear Fusion Power" by the Sun - converted into sustainable electrical energy for the "Villa Octopia Project". A proof of concept to demonstrate that no fossil fuel is needed to live in a comfortable way. No coal, oil, natural gas, shale gas, wood or other fuels are needed to enjoy lighting, cooking, washing, heating and hot water - free of CO2. If Climate Change is real - and it definitely is.., the Villa Octopia Project will prove that we have a real option for change! If Climate Change is a hoax - we only can hope.., the Villa Octopia Project doesn't harm, it will just save you money anyway!

We Know everything - Have everything - Can everything ⇒ IMPLEMENTATION NOW!

The PassiVilla Foundation - "Lean & Clean" - an Absolute, Holistic & Minimalistic approach to Climate Change