Blue Flower

The Stichting PassiVilla Foundation has a broad mission to eliminate global warming by drastically reduction of the use (abuse...) of fossil fuels, which caused a dramatic rise of greenhouse gasses in the global atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution.

Projects and Activities:

  • Creating an energy-neutral residence "Villa Octopia" for the Stichting PassiVilla Foundation, based on a 1996 built villa with an internal volume of 600 m² and 185 m³ living area, with an "Energy Label B" according Dutch terminology. After recent fine-tuning, applying "HR++ window glass" and wall- and ceiling coatings to reduce energy-radiation losses with up to 80%, measurements has started to evaluate the current internal- and external energy balances which should comply with a current "Energy Label A++++" according current Dutch terminology. Practically, that means that the original natural gas (NL: aardgas) connection has been removed completely by December 2013 and all currently used, converted or exchanged energy is non-fossil, directly or indirectly solar energy based. This is an achievement which was realised in 2013 with commonly available technology, products and experience. As a reference: Most authorities (International, national, provincial, community are aiming to meet this 2013 state of Villa Octopia in 2030, 2040, 2050 or beyond.., when it is too late for ever and irreversible - the end of Human "civilisation"...;
  • Participation and customer of the local green energy supplier AGEM which has a mission to sell only energy which in several ways (solar, wind, biogas, heat, etc,) is locally transformed, exchanged and transported over short distances within the "Achterhoek", an area at the German NRW border, which is an example how things can be done now;
  • Participation in the "Berkelland municipality" where the village Ruurlo is situated and residence of the Stichting PassiVilla Foundation. Unfortunately, like all authorities.., they count in decennials, years and months, where the PassiVilla Foundation thinks and acts in days, weeks, months and a few years...;
  • Supporting numerous individual families and small businesses to make the change to fossil-free energy, based on their specific situation and opportunities and avoiding waste of energy in the first place and learning from the Villa Octopia experiences etc. etc.;
  • Participation in Energy-, Building-, Education- and related Fairs to share knowledge and experiences and challenge fake information and hoaxes created by climate-change deniers and fossil fuel lobbyist, (Dutch...) governments, politicians, etc. etc.;
  • Development of technology to store energy in an unconventional way (not in expensive batteries) but in existing home- or industrial refrigerators or freezers.;
  • Fund raising for the Stichting PassiVilla Foundation, an activity which has been seriously hindered for more than a year by inefficiencies, lack of priority, organisational changes and political disinterest (NAM and Co.) behind the Dutch Tax Authority (NL: Belastingdienst ANBI Team). Resulting in the use of private time and money only of the Stichting PassiVilla Foundation members of the board and a few committed volunteers only.