Blue Flower

There are several sorts of Laws - some of them are based on Nature, some on Science, some on Human Moral, some on Human Politics, some on Human Religions and sometimes these Laws are written, sometimes unwritten.

The Climate on Earth gets finally more attention since the Industrial Revolution started.

The Villa Octopia "SolarShed", natural "Nuclear Fusion Power" by the Sun - converted into sustainable electrical energy for the "Villa Octopia Project". A proof of concept to demonstrate that no fossil fuel is needed to live in a comfortable way. No coal, oil, natural gas, shale gas, wood or other fuels are needed to enjoy lighting, cooking, washing, heating and hot water - free of CO2. If Climate Change is real - and it definitely is.., the Villa Octopia Project will prove that we have a real option for change! If Climate Change is a hoax - we only can hope.., the Villa Octopia Project doesn't harm, it will just save you money anyway!

We Know everything - Have everything - Can everything ⇒ IMPLEMENTATION NOW!

The PassiVilla Foundation - "Lean & Clean" - an Absolute, Holistic & Minimalistic approach to Climate Change